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In General
All-plastic OR series grease traps belong by their purpose and design in the category of “Equipment for Treatment and Purification of Water” - (Customs tariff number 84212190).
The starting basis for the design and location of the trap are the requirements of the investor, territorial planning authorities and water management authorities.

Grease traps are designed to capture oils and fats that flow out in waste water from kitchens, food plants, meat processing plants and similar sources. Grease traps serve to precipitate and capture grease to prevent the clogging and sealing of the canalization and other equipment of the sewer system. Grease traps are installed at the sewerage drain (branch) from the premises where the waste water with grease content originates placed as close as possible to the source of the water. Waste water from sanitary facilities must not be let into grease traps. The use of traps is recommended even in front of a domestic water treatment plant if the water contains a larger amount of grease. The decomposition of grease results in acidification of the water, causing biochemical and mechanical defects that lower the efficiency of the waste water treatment plant.

A kitchen waste disposer cannot be installed in front of a grease trap. The use of kitchen waste disposers is inadmissible because it would overload the grease trap with organic substances (in any case, sewers do not serve for the transport of refuse, just as a grease trap is not a treatment plant or sludge sump).

We issue declarations for grease traps about the stability of the product ce.