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Plastic pools, Light liquid separators, Grease traps, Plastic tanks

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ORYX - CZ, Ltd. is a company that in the subtitle of his name is "manufacture of plastics technology" because its products are made of plastic. The predecessor of the company ORYX - CZ, sro, which is a legal entity, the company was named Stanislav Pacas, which was founded in 1992. Company draws on the experience of producing plastic tanks and reservoirs, which executives of the company engaged in since 1982. The company is engaged in the production since the beginning of plastic especially tanks, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, oil separators, grease separators etc.
Company Pacas in 1998 transformed from an individual to a legal entity ORYX - CZ, sro The company currently has about 10 permanent employees. The company's management consists of three directors. Organizations ORYX - CZ, sro produces standard plastic products and customized products according to customer requirements.

Currently we produce: Light liquid separators ORES, Grease traps and starches OR, Hydrometric shafts, Plastic pools, Tanks with public health requirements for food, Secondary settling tanks, Aeration column, Circular and rectangular sumps, Chemical tank.

The company also performs wholesome lining refrigerated vehicles for food, for transportation of flowers, drugs and other costs which the request is put health cargo space vehicles.


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